Opiniones Alumnos


¿Por qué me gusta venir a Level?

Maialen (A2) “I think that Level is a different and fun way to learn English. I like it!”

Maria (B1+) “It is not like other classes. Normally, it is fun to come here, because we learn.”

(A2) “It is cool to come here because the teachers are fun”.

(A2) “Level is excellent because we sometimes play and other times we study. We always learn”.

Gaizka (B1) “I like Level because I study a lot of English”.

Arkaitz (B1) “I have liked Level since I was a kid”.

Alba (B1) “I like to go to Level because the teachers are so crazy and you have fun”.

Alex (B1) “I like Level because I have fun learning English”.

Yerai (B1) “I think that studying at Level will open doors in my future”.

Zuriñe (B1) “I like Level because I have fun with my friends while you are learning a lot of English”.

Andrea (B1) “Level is great because the teachers are nice”.

Mª Jose (A2) “Elegí Level para estudiar inglés por la cercanía a mi domicilio, la calidad del profesorado y la facilidad de apoyo”.

Naia (C1) “I love working in small groups, so I feel more confident about myself.”

Irene (C1) “I’ve made a new big family!”

Maider (C1) “The teachers make the lessons very easy going with interactive lessons. Furthermore, you can learn at the sometime you meet new people.”

Rubén (C1) “You make lot of practical exercises so you can learn in different ways. It’s uneful for our future”.

Izaskun (C1) ”The lessons are entertaining, so you learn English while you have fun”.

Level Language Services es una empresa de servicios lingüísticos especializada en la enseñanza de idiomas, con una amplia experiencia en el sector y un espíritu innovador que nos lleva a aplicar los últimos avances pedagógicos y tecnológicos a fin de que nuestros alumnos logren cumplir sus objetivos.

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